This aggressively paced 3-day session, intended for SharePoint Farm Architects and Farm Administrators,  delivers material knowledge related to the planning, configuration and maintenance of small, medium and large scale SharePoint 2010 deployments. Session focus emphasizes practical solutions for common scenarios provisioning counsel on efficiency strategies to how to pitfall avoidance. Completion of this course provides students with the skills to properly install, configure and manage a SharePoint deployment. Our Microsoft SharePoint training classes offer a cutting-edge curriculum in a friendly classroom environment that maximizes your learning experience and return on investment.

Price: $1,400.00*

Course Outline

SharePoint 2010 Overview
  • Learn SharePoint’s market position, core business uses and the history behind the SharePoint brand.
  • Examine the key service components that make up a SharePoint farm, from the physical infrastructure to the logical arrangement of services.
  • Investigate the physical and logical attributes that lead scaling considerations.
  • Learn high level strategy to reduce administrative overhead through properly configured scaled solutions.

SharePoint 2010 Architecture and Installation
  • Walk through a SharePoint installation, create service accounts and the configuration database with review of functional variables.
  • Deconstruct and understand the elements of a SharePoint Farm, Web Application, Content Databases, Site Collections, Root Site and Sites.
  • Compare and manage advanced deployment scenarios including partially trusted domains and DMZ scenarios, load-balanced services, and fault tolerant high availability options.
  • Discuss administrative roles and requisite administrative tools; shaping your deployment with Central Administration and Site Collection Administration tools as with use of the PowerShell Administration utility.
  • Break down the options, and associated considerations, available through Multi-Tenant Hosting and distributed administration.

SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010
  • Compare and contrast platform capabilities giving focus to how  new structure considerations change configuration and management tactics.
  • Participate in discussion on the new Shared Service Application Architecture, it’s advantages over the SSP.
  • Work with Shared Service Application (SSA) elements such as the Admin Interface, App Pool, Databases and WCF Service Endpoints.
  • Examine Service components in detail gaining hands-on experience working with managed metadata service and taxonomy.
  • Apply best practice approach to the installation and maintence of Secure Store Service, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Search Service, Excel services and Access services.
  • Learn to structure these services to provide data efficiently and securely to your organization.

SharePoint Search Architecture
  • Investigate the components of an Enterprise Search Service; working with crawler components, Index Partition and Query Response Service  and associated database elements.
  • Enhance organizational efficiencies with increased content findability supported by proper system configuration.
  • Streamline user searches with the configuration of Scopes, Enterprise Search Center, Metadata and use of Authoritative Locations.
  • Use Web Analytics to re-gear and retool system options to align with user needs.

Farm Level Administration
  • Use Farm Maintenance and Monitoring tools such as Timer Jobs, the Health Analyzer and system reports.
  • Efficiently reuse and share materials with SharePoint’s content deployment tools.
  • Understand options available for back up and recovery of Farm and granular level items.

* Group Discounts May Apply

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