This intensive 5-day workshop emphasizes everything from pragmatic solutions to common requirements by providing informed industry insight and hands-on training. Delivered by experts with real world experience, this session offers unique insight into product application and delivery. A diverse collection of content provides attendees with an understanding of SharePoint, while highlighting its comparative utility and the benefits of out-of-the-box, designer, and code solutions. Completion of this course provides students with the skills to confidently support custom SharePoint solutions for your organization. Our Microsoft SharePoint training classes offer a cutting-edge curriculum in a friendly classroom environment that maximizes your learning experience and return on investment.

Price: $2,500.00*

Course Outline

Introduction to SharePoint 2010
  • Learn SharePoint’s market position, core business uses and the history behind the SharePoint brand.
  • Understand the key business cases that drive SharePoint deployments.
  • Examine and understand the key service components that make up a SharePoint farm, from the physical infrastructure to the logical arrangement of services.
  • Compare and manage advanced deployment scenarios including partially trusted domains and DMZ scenarios, load-balanced services, and fault tolerant high availability options.

Examine SharePoint’s Data structure and Front End Administration
  • Understand the concept and utility of metadata and Content Types.
  • Enhance content management with Versioning and Policy configuration.
  • Support business methodology with understanding of Foundation workflow and SharePoint 2010’s workflow processes.
  • Learn to build and configure reusable site templates.
  • Support collaboration with the creation and administration of function specific Workspaces.
  • Learn to increase relevance with data surfaced in Views and Web Parts.

SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Services
  • Overview key SharePoint best practices including Governance planning and taxonomy, and recognize how they alter deployment strategy.
  • Learn and configure the Managed Metadata service and explore its ability to assist in enter-prise taxonomy governance.
  • Review the evolution of SharePoint, the future use of Excel Services and participate in a de-tailed discussion related to access of Excel information via the Representational State Transfer pattern.
  • Break down and test Access Services, including the new Access Web Database in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Customization and Development
  • Examine current development trends in the SharePoint industry and learn how to choose the right development tools and design patterns.
  • Review key risk areas in a SharePoint development and understand how to mitigate those risks.
  • Learn how to maximize production in the SharePoint development lifecycle.

Business Process Automation in SharePoint 2010
  • Join an in-depth examination of custom workflows available in SharePoint Designer.
  • Investigate impactful examples of organizational automation.
  • Compare the benefits and limitations of workflow creation in SharePoint Designer as it relates to out-of-the-box and code solutions.
  • Review serial, parallel & composite workflows options available through SharePoint Designer.

Advanced SharePoint User Interface Design Patterns
  • Learn structure and application of the Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).
  • Consider parameters and process to aggregate data in SharePoint.
  • Participate in a detailed discussion on the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and the Data View Web Part (DVWP).
  • Configure advanced UI modifications with JavaScript and JQuery plugins.

Introduction the SharePoint Development with Visual Studio
  • Review, in detail, the new SharePoint extensions for Visual Studio.
  • Gain understanding of the differences between ‘fully trusted’ and ‘sandboxed’ solutions.
  • Examine the various types of SharePoint elements that can be created in a solution.
  • Review custom site columns, content types, and list definitions.
  • Work with the list item event handler interface.

Introduction to the SharePoint 2010 Server Object Model
  • Examine the SharePoint Server Object model; highlighting creation and use of site collections, sites, lists, and data.
  • Apply session concepts to configuration of Site Collections and Sites.
  • Learn and apply multiple ways to create and query data.

Introduction to the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model
  • Examine the Client Object Model architecture, with review on key benefits and limitations.
  • Use the RESTful data retrieval API to query SharePoint data and work with Excel Services.
  • Learn to use both Silverlight and JavaScript with JQuery plugins, in the Client Object Model.

Introduction to SharePoint Designer
  • Participate in an overview of SharePoint Designer’s capabilities and limitations.
  • Understand how to work with Master Pages and Content Pages in SharePoint Designer.
  • Learn to use SharePoint Designer to manage SharePoint Content Types, List, libraries, and Forms.
  • Edit and manage content in SharePoint Designer.
  • Learn to create and surface data elements with SharePoint Designer.

Understanding Advanced SharePoint Development
  • Participate in discussion lead practice using LINQ to query SharePoint Data.
  • Create and configure custom workflow actions.
  • Learn to efficiently modify the SharePoint 2010 ribbon.
  • Review configuration of custom controls and field templates.

Putting all the Pieces Together
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of creating full SharePoint solution based applications.
  • Learn to understand and avoid the pitfalls of upgrades reliant on custom applications.
  • Review scalability and the proper configuration of web.config.
  • Gain hands-on experience with feature stapling, feature events and web configurationmodifications.
  • Consider implementation best practices and the balance between customization and third party tools.

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